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30th August - 1st September

*** Woking Food & Drink Festival ***** Come and see us, we are at CW12, Commercial Way 1, and will be cooking and selling a selection of tasty BBQ meats including cooked gourmet burgers (meat, gluten free and vegetarian) and a variety of succulent sausages for all the family to enjoy.



23 April

*** Happy St Georges Day***** Celebrate and enjoy everything British today. The great British Pork & Sage Banger and Prime Scotch Beef Burgers. Weather is still hot, pop along and buy some to sizzle on your BBQ.



16 April

Easter is on its way - are you thinking Lamb or are you thinking Rib of Beef for Easter Sunday?
Try a traditional succulent roasted Lamb rubbed with garlic and rosemary sprigs.



5 April

Luscious LAMB SHANKS coated with a Royal Mint and Rosemary sauce - all ready for you to just pop into the oven



30 March
Get all the family involved to treat your Mum with a home cooked traditional roast. Come and see us for Italian Porchetta with Crackling; Leg of Lamb; Roast Rib of Beef or a Free Range Chicken. Peel the veg, make the gravy, roast the potatoes, carve the meat, open the wine ...... enjoy. Buon Appetito.



11 & 12 March
Support your local butcher for quality meat, expert knowledge and friendly service. Pop in to see us for a wide variety of meat and deli options.


22nd February
It’s bright, sunny and warming up later. Try these delicious ....PORK LOINS stuffed with GRUYERE CHEESE & APRICOTS sprinkled with sea salt, dry sea weed & lemon pepper. Already prepared ready for you to take home and pop under the grill.

14 February
Show the person you  with a home cooked fine dining experience. INDIVIDUAL BEEF WELLINGTON, made to order with premium Scotch Beef Fillet, prepared ready for you - just glaze with egg yolk and pop into the oven.  Try these other beauties... a Rack of Lamb.... or Chicken Polpettes - stuffed with brie and sun-dried tomatoes or Sirloin cut and served on a board with a spinach, feta & tomato salad.



5 February
Sending wishes to our customers who will be celebrating the Year of the Pig. 
Try some home entertaining, come in an get some Pork or Beef to make:


25 January
Robert Burns is Scotland's best-loved bard and Burns Suppers have been held in his honour for over 200 years. So why not celebrate it like every good Scot will, with a HAGGIS, and accompany it with Neeps and Tatties and the obligatory ‘wee dram’. Pop in to see us to buy a traditional Macsween Haggis.


7 April
Enjoy a Boneless Chicken leg, tied and stuffed with Sage Sausage Meat or Brie & Sun-Dried Tomatoes, wrapped in Pancetta. Prepared and ready for you to pop into the oven - 180 degrees (fan assisted) for 30 mins. Serve with new potatoes or a mustard mash, fresh broccoli and honey glazed carrots. Buono appetito.

1 April
Enjoy a wonderful traditionl family lunch on Easter Sunday.
Try a succulent roasted Lamb rubbed with garlic and rosemary sprigs, perfect for all the family.


30 Oct - 5 Nov
Come in and try our very tasty different flavoured home made sausages.
Traditional Pork, Pork & Leek, Pork & Sage, Wild Boar & Apple, Venison & Red Wine and of course not forgetting the Italian Fennel & Sage.
If you like something a bit more spicy, then just let us know and we can make them up for you to order. We all sell gluten free sausages and Chicken & Apricot.!

19 June
With all of us enjoying this wonderful warm weather, keeping ourselves healthy in the sun is important as well as how we store our BBQ and buffet foods.
Some simple things to remember……
Plenty of forethought and preparation on the part of the cook, including SAFE FOOD PREPARATION, smart TRANSPORTATION OF FOODS to your destination, (get all your beer, wines and paper plates before your do your food shopping) and always ensure you safely store leftovers.
Foods should not sit at room temperature for more than two hours. Keep track of how long foods have been sitting on the buffet table and discard anything there two hours or more. And if it's above 90 degrees, then food should only be out for an hour or less.
Cold foods should be held at 40°F or colder. Keep foods cold by nesting dishes in bowls of ice or use small serving trays and replace them.
Buono appetito!


27 May
Celebrate It's the BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND and it's finally hotting up. Enjoy a BBQ with your family or friends, or both. Lots of lovely meaty bits ready for you to just pop onto the BBQ, chat amongst your friends with a chilled beer or cool wine....... Don't forget the Factor 30 too!


23 April - 1 May
Celebrate 'Great British Beef Week' and support Britain’s beef farmers. Whether it is a steak, mince or a roast, perfect for any day of the week. Premium quality 28 day dry aged beef always available at Vincents..


7 - 13 March
How about a tasty Beef, Kidney, Mushroom & Ale pie. Come in and get some beef steak cubed and kidney (or without if you prefer), grab some mushrooms from Boz the Greengrocer, add a tasty gravy, bit of Ale - pastry on top and pop it in the oven. Sounds delicious - IT IS.


1 March
A very tasty mid week supper, come in an get some succulent and tasty LAMB SHANKS . Serve them with roasted garlic, lightly mashed potatoes and edamame beans and fresh peas. Buono appetito - Smacznego.


15 February
Freshly prepared CHICKEN KIEV, either with a Lemon & Pepper crust if you like something a little hot, or alternatively a plain breadcrumb crust. Stuffed with garlic butter all ready in a baking tray to go into the oven and cook for 25 – 30 minutes on 180.

20 January
Brrrrr.... it's a cold start to the New Year and we are all trying to eat healthy, but we also need some warming comfort food. Try some free range diced chicken to make a tasty and healthy stir-fry with red peppers & broccoli. Or some lean steak mince to make a chilli con carne served on jacket potatoes, or for a fine dining meal for two - veal escalope serve with wilted garlic spinnach & grilled vine tomatoes.


3 January 
Eating a moderate and balanced diet will keep us healthy. Foods from animals and fish supply good-quality proteins, vitamins and minerals and extra energy. They also provide a person with the proteins needed to develop and repair the body and also to build up strong muscles. They are good sources of vitamins, minerals and fibre and help to keep the immune system active.


7 December
Majestic Wine, Woking are offering customers of their "favourite butcher - Vincents" a Free bottle of wine or £10 off when you purchase 6 or more bottles of wine/spirits from them.All you need to do is come in and buy some tasty meat from us, pick up a Voucher and then take your receipt to them (within 7 days) to qualify for this. In their words.... " Whether a Claret for the fillet or a Shiraz for the Rib-Eye, they have the Meat and we have the wine for you".NB. Open to persons aged 18+ and only 1 voucher per customer. Valid in Woking store only.

19 November
Brrrrr.... it's a chilly one this morning. Are you thinking about some comfort food for today. Pop in and see us, how about TOAD IN THE HOLE served with Caramelised Onion Gravy - Wrap fat sausages in streaky bacon for a posh version of a British classic - perfect comfort food for the whole family.


11 November
Forecasted to be quite cold and rainy over the next couple of days….. so …. how about a tasty BEEF GOULASH to warm you up.
Pop in and see us to get some diced BRAISING STEAK, add peppers and paprika and make it into something special. A great foot stomping feast from Hungary to stop you feeling hungry!
Serve with whole-grain brown rice or tagliatelle pasta and accompanied by green beans, buttered green cabbage or for that full eastern European flavour - spicy red cabbage.



5 November
IT'S BRITISH SAUSAGE WEEK... So Remember, Remember the 5th of November ..
If you are having a Bonfire and Firework event at home, you don't want to be stuck in the kitchen all evening. Pop along and buy some Beef Mince and make up some warming CHILLI CON CARNE and serve with either rice or on jacket potatoes or come in for some tasty flavoured sausages for a traditional BANGERS & MASH supper.
The plain Pork Banger, Pork & Sage, Pork & Leek, Wild Boar & Apple and Venison & Red Wine. Take care with your fireworks and enjoy a warm, fun filled night


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